David Straus, Producer, TEDx Hollywood

Bronkar's unique talent, charisma, and his interactive energy had our group on the edge of their seats for his entire presentation. Everyone was engaged and united with a sense of total community. They walked away inspired with new possibilities and with permission to live to their highest potential. He totally embodied concentrated awesomeness!!


T.J. Ryan, Chief Executive, ISU GROUP

Bronkar's presentation at our annual ISU National Conference was both impactful and inspiring! He did something we'd never seen before. He stood out as an innovative, cutting edge and refreshing speaker and entertainer.


sean kokoszka, president of maps business training

If you're looking for somebody who's going to add value to your group and allow them to connect the dots and improve their productivity, hire Bronkar!


m.b. gustitus, keller williams

How someone can take something so out of the box and transfer it to how we can be better coaches and better people -- totally off the hook!


Anne Reeb, Earth circus productions

I honestly don't know how Bronkar does it! He walks out on stage with such ease and makes the audience feel comfortable and connected in the present moment like there is nothing else happening in the world. I've watched him do this time and time again over the last decade in front of massive audiences for companies like Google, BioRad, Aloft, E2K and Levi Stadium. Bronkar makes high pressured situations feel like a relaxing walk in the park. He is a true master.


JAY leno, the tonight show Nbc

Our crowd loved Bronkar. He killed it out there!


christian abbott, disney cruise lines

Bronkar's an electric performer with infectious energy! We've never seen another act like his. He's had over 50 appearances on our ships, and our guests love him. He's inspiring to kids and adults alike with his music and message.



Bronkar's performance at the Shoreline Amphitheater blew our minds! We had over 20,000 employees laughing, clapping and fully entertained. The energy he sparked that day is continuing to live on through our people.


mark s. allen

This guy rocked the house! He had the entire audience of kids and adults screaming for more.