Peak performance expert, author, and internationally acclaimed performer and motivational speaker Bronkar Lee has over fifteen years of experience performing and speaking across the United States, Canada and Europe. He's appeared at Madison Square Garden, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and in Advil's 2016 Super Bowl commercial. Clients include Facebook, Google, YouTube and Disney Cruise Lines.

Bronkar incorporates live music (saxophone, harmonica, vocal percussion), rhythmic juggling (an artform he invented), and audience interaction into his energetic and powerful presentations--using direct demonstrations of skills he taught himself using his own "Bold Achievement Method." He shares his unique approach to learning through his story of becoming a professional saxophone player in just 63 days and setting multiple world records in juggling and beatboxing. As the inventor of the art form called Beat Bounce — a cross pollination of vocal percussion, juggling, and drumming — Bronkar emphasizes the value of innovation and creativity. Participants walk away from his programs able to take action, create accountability, and achieve massive success in every endeavor.

Bronkar works with a wide variety of organizations, teaching people how to be at the top of their game every day. Your audience members will gain new perspectives on innovation and learning, leading them to higher productivity and greater idea generation. Your attendees will walk away inspired and ignited, ready to tackle issues with more creativity than ever before.


Hacking the Learning Curve

Re-energize your approach to skill acquisition and unlock your passion for learning

It’s a fast-paced, high-pressure world, and your plate is overflowing. Learning new skills as a busy professional can seem like a daunting task. Yet continually growing and developing yourself is absolutely essential for creating the most effective solutions for your team and community. In fact, if you’re not gaining new abilities and continuously upping your game, then you are already behind. There is a way to create room for growth without sacrificing your other priorities. Being armed to take on new battles as they’re presented (and they constantly are) means staying ahead of the game in the most efficient way. Better solutions makes workflow more productive, increasing bottom line results.

How do we improve ourselves without running into roadblocks over and over again?

This captivating and unique presentation is loaded with concrete tools to help you clarify your goals and critical skills and help you adopt a new way of thinking that will propel you to take action. Bronkar will motivate, inspire, and educate you to capitalize on your inner creativity and create your own opportunities for success.

After attending this session, you will walk away with:

  • Tips and tools to learn and improve skills more efficiently.

  • Inspiration and the means to innovate.

  • Methods to create heightened focus and unlock creativity.

  • Motivation to take action and sustain commitment.

  • Techniques to get the most out of teamwork and collaboration.

Bronkar incorporates live music (saxophone, drums, vocal percussion), technology (live looping), rhythmic juggling (an artform he invented), and audience interaction  — with direct demonstrations of skills he acquired using these learning methods. Morale will be boosted, spirits will be lifted, and the doors to possibility will be opened wide!

The Power of Choice

For young adults (high school to college)

Our lives are full of choices, and our world is full of possibilities. Our youth are the future, and they have the power to either make it better or worse. Bronkar shares his personal story of struggle and challenge as a young adult, making poor choices that led him down a destructive path, and then how his life changed for the better when he discovered he could choose to follow his passions and improve the lives of others as well. He will empower young adults with the knowledge that they are in control of their destiny, give them the foundation to create positivity and impact in the world, and provide them with the confidence and power to make the world a better place.

After attending this session, young adults will walk away with:

  • The ability to recognize and say yes to opportunities

  • Inspiration to set and achieve personal goals

  • Tools to create heightened focus and unlock creativity.

  • Motivation to persevere in the face of failure